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natura360 is part of GVS Holdings Limited. We believe that healthy living is vital for overall well-being, and achieving ultimate well-being requires conscious efforts in various aspects of life. That’s why we introduce Global Value Solutions – GVS – and our innovative, exciting, and impressive brand, natura 360.

At natura 360, we recognize the importance of nature in maintaining our emotional, psychological, and physical health. By embracing nature every day, we can experience an energetic and fulfilling journey throughout our lives. We are committed to bringing valuable concepts that bring joy, provide tremendous health benefits, and foster invaluable well-being.

Rather than simply presenting products, natura 360 aims to instill healthy practices in the lives of everyone, leading to a healthy body and a wholesome life.

Meet Our Creative Team

Beatrice is known for spreading positive energy, health, and happiness to those around her through various corporate and business endeavors. Her passion for beauty, health, and happiness led her to join the natura 360 team. She is dedicated to educating people about the importance of health, the benefits of consuming organic health foods, and the significance of regular consumption and practice of wheatgrass powder and exercise

Beatrice Choy Wellbeing Ambassador & PR

Neon Ma is a dedicated individual with over a decade of experience in the health food industry. With a passion for natural foods, Neon has conducted extensive research on various natural food products worldwide. Through his work, he aims to encourage healthy eating habits and raise awareness about the benefits of consuming organic and natural foods. Neon's expertise in the field has made him a trusted source of information for those seeking to improve their diet and overall well-being.

Neon Ma Wellbeing Marketing & Planning

Thomas has been a part of natura 360 since its inception. He strongly believes in the well-being of humanity and is an active advocate of the "V-R-1" movement. With decades of experience in the corporate world and extensive involvement in business and social communities, Thomas has significantly contributed to natura 360. By promoting healthy practices in all areas of life, he envisions a world of unity. Thomas emphasizes the importance of consuming healthy, organic food products daily, and natura 360 serves as a chosen platform to achieve this vision.

Thomas Rejimon Founder & Wellbeing Operations

Our Key Priorities

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